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Winter Warmers…more than just socks

December 8th, 2017

There are few tasks more enjoyable in the bike trade than picking clothes. It’s like vicarious shopping on a grand scale.

And one of the great things about riding in winter is that you get to wear more clothes. More clothes! If Imelda Marcos had been a cyclist she’d never have got out of the house.

The TMKS Phenomenon

Everybody at Richmond Cycles has experienced the phenomenon of TMKS at some point. That’s right: Too Much Kit Syndrome. You may well wince when you see that guy in football shorts riding over Richmond Bridge on a frosty morning, especially when you realise the raw pork chops he’s carrying on his handlebars are actually his gloveless hands. That’s because he wears the same thing every day, no matter what. Laugh at your peril: he’s never been late to meet his friends for a ride because he couldn’t decide which of his five merino neck-warmers to wear. You have, haven’t you? Well, we all have.

They say there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing. This is patently nonsense; we all prefer pedalling in our favourite shorts in 25 degrees than sploshing through a freezing torrent. However, we can all make it a hell of a lot more enjoyable by wearing the right gear.

We buy clothes like we’re buying them for ourselves. Lovely jackets, gorgeous fleecey warmers for all your limbs, more gloves than a wicket-keepers’ convention, and socks… oh-ho, don’t even get us started on socks.

And if you’re one of our lady cyclists, don’t assume there’s a dusty little pink section at the back. There’s no pink – it’s a rule – and it’s at the front, because it’s the best stuff. Come and see.

A few highlights:

  • Barbour wax jackets exclusively designed for cycling in conjunction with Brompton
  • Beautifully tailored Santini winter wear from Bergamo
  • Chapeau! jerseys treated with DWR miracle moisture repellent
  • Katusha cycling-cut jeans for being super cool over the bars and in the bar
  • Bontrager rain jackets to keep it out no matter what

Try them all on. At once, if you like. Give us all a good laugh, then buy the ones you like best. Simples.

*Insert Haircut 100 joke here