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Phil Ashley’s real job is as a successful commercial photographer, so we don’t see as much of him as we’d like, what with him jetting around the world and brushing off the attentions of rockstars and supermodels.

He and John first rode bikes together when they met at infant school aged 4. It wasn’t until about 2011 that he became better at riding a bike than John, but it’s now a sadly consistent fact that he goes further, trundles along better, goes uphill much faster and comes down the other side almost as quickly as his heavier childhood friend.

He’s also pretty handy, so he puts up our shelves, knocks up displays and that kind of thing. All these skills are in evidence when you discover that Phlash is responsible for the incredible new digital mural of Richmond Park that adorns our newly rejuvenated Custom Corner where we keep our nicest bikes.

He is also an expert on: bricklaying, plumbing, decorating, train timetables, canal boats, wine making, Brexit, Brentford FC, map reading, lasagne, paella, coffee, cake and beer.

He needs a new bike, too. Your suggestions are welcome.