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Formerly a diamond smuggler, stagecoach driver, X-1 test pilot and ninja assassin, Anthony was unfulfilled in his chosen professions. Sometimes, a man just has to fix bikes.

A stalwart of the St Margaret’s Cycling Club – one of the rare instances of any sporting organisation being run by a canonised individual – Anthony was introduced to us by our friends at The Training Works. They told us that he was only happy when he had a spanner in his hand and that we should swoop in and free him from the weight of spreadsheets that he was marooned under at his present employers. (He was a business analyst as well as those other things I made up, I mean, mentioned.)

Fully qualified as a Cytech Level 2 expert spannerman, Anthony is comfortable with all the trials of the modern bike workshop: how to get air to stay in pushchair tyres, forming silk purses out of sows’ ears with minimal investment and, most importantly, making good coffee.

He’s doing pretty good.

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