425-427 Richmond Rd,
East Twickenham. TW1 2EF


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This guy. This guy. He loves fixing bikes soooooo much, that we don’t even have to pay him. But we do anyway, because we’re good like that.

When we were looking for a workshop manager, many gnarly spanner twiddlers passed hopefully through our portals. And yes, they weren’t bad bike fixers, credit where credit’s due. However, to a man (there weren’t any ladies), they preferred the company of machinery than flesh and bone.

That’s why we like Adam really. Because, let’s face it, Richmond Cycles isn’t the biggest shop in the world – I’ve been stuck in bigger lifts – and if you’re going to spend all day in the same room as another human being then you might as well make that other human being somebody you can tolerate.

Come in and get him to fix your bike. You’ll like him.

Richmond Cycles Shop Front