Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

It's all too easy to say that when we cycle to work and use bikes whenever we can to get around... we are doing it for the planet – sure, but really it's because we love cycling

As we watch our kids leading the way with the Climate Strikes what else have we been doing to make a positive step to reducing our carbon footprint?

Supporting initiatives and stocking brands that are in the business of doing good.

First Mile & Octopus We are using a green fleet to pick up and manage our waste - new company, First Mile, have their eyes on the big planet picture and ensure it is recycled to the max. And we are moving to energy supplier Octopus because all their electricity comes from 100% renewable resources like sun, wind and water.

Cycle Of Good For the cost of a stamp (or stopping off at our shop) you can send them your inner tubes so they don't end up in landfill. They recycle them and we will be stocking their products as part of our Christmas Gift Range. They also have drop off points in Central London, Wandsworth and Chertsey.

Our RC Tees - Eco Vero Our new shop t-shirts are made from certified renewable wood pulp and to the very highest sustainable standards... and look good too.

Klean Kanteen They produce our branded coffee mugs - all their products are plastic free. As a 'For the Planet' Member their business has contributed more than £1.2million directly to environmental organisations.

If you have more ideas of things we and the RC Community can try, please come in and share them.

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