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    Meet the team... Richard

    And so, it did come to pass, that being an international opera singer of some repute, a handy tennis player, keen bike rider and all round bloody good bloke wasn’t enough for Richard. No, he wanted to find another way to lose his money, so he bought himself a bike shop.

    He didn’t mess around, though: he picked the one he liked best. It was near where he’d lived for the past 30 years – the plains of his native Kansas being a bit rubbish for bike riding – and it had always been a nice place to buy bikes. He had a few ideas of his own and he surrounded himself with handsome and virile young men who knew what they were doing and thus the 2016 version of Richmond Cycles was born.

    Richard is a convert to living life to the full after sweating through his formative years, turning out three kids who all became remarkably well adjusted young men, then flying over the bars of his mountain bike somewhere in Wyoming and smashing his hip up. A period of contemplation and a bout of very successful surgery made him a new man.The resulting shift in approach to life can be boiled down to this: enjoy yourself every day.

    A new Trek Domane is one of the things that means he takes enjoying himself every day very seriously. He does love to hear other people’s stories, so if you’ve got one, come and tell him. In the meantime, if you’re thinking of putting on the Ring Cycle, you’ve got fat budget and you need an evil dwarf: look no further.