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    Meet the team... Matt

    It would seem that being a similar shape to a dum-dum bullet can make you travel like one. Mark Cavendish would agree. Taking a leaf out of the Manx Missile’s manual, the Bournemouth Bomb is usually ripping it up on the mean streets of South West London in the name of Richmond Cycles and his travel company friends Viva Velo.

    In fact, he has reached the pinnacle of the local bike riding scene: holding his own on the fearsome Tuesday night chain gang. Anybody who has tried to hang on to them out to Virginia Water and back without bursting into tears will confirm that’s no mean feat.

    When his happy visage isn’t greeting visitors to Richmond Cycles, Matt is to be found guiding cycling visitors on the beautiful climbs of Mallorca, so come and enjoy him while he’s here. Oh, and he’s a Watford supporter, but don’t hold that against him.

    Find him on Instagram @themattwallis