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    Meet the team... Jake

    Raised in the forests of East Sussex, Jake has always been a bit outdoorsy. He first discovered his love of two wheels while chasing mates around his local skateparks on a BMX, so he’s well accustomed to grazed knees and banged elbows. A few years and a degree in Sport Science later, he’s still on two wheels. Flitting between Road Racing and super cool fixed gear criteriums, nowadays Jake’s a lean machine. He’s vegan too, so that also makes him green.

    Please don’t be fooled into thinking his 00’s cool skater look makes him less approachable. Jake is a fountain of knowledge for all things cycling and is more than happy to talk about any type of riding.

    He’s also been gifted with a good eye for biomechanics too and is rapidly building good experience with our bike fitting service.

    Follow Jake on instagram @jakeneale