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    Meet the team... Anthony P

    With Anthony, Adam and Arthur already well established members of the team, Richmond Cycles decided to further increase its roster from the first letter of the alphabet by recruiting another Anthony. His most significant contribution so far has been to raise the average age of the personnel being a man of a certain age with two daughters in their late twenties. Rumour has it he even has a granddaughter called Nell.

    Proving that Bromptons are built to last Anthony has been using his on an almost daily basis for nigh on twenty years. However the stretch of lycra is never far away and the draw of the Surrey and Chiltern hills is strong and his road bikes are regular visitors.

    He also claims to be a rock star, still seen from time to time reliving his misspent youth with a Fender Stratocaster round his neck. A copy of a single from his band’s only release (in 1979, told you he was getting on a bit) recently sold for £498 to a buyer in America. You couldn’t make it up!