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    Meet the team... Adam

    As Richmond Cycles’ consummate spannerman, Adam was hired to do away with the old stereotype that mechanics can only talk to bikes and struggle when it comes to people. He’s fluent in translating technical talk into layman’s terms and he has contributed significantly to making our workshop the vibrant, customer orientated place it is today.

    Adam’s also a wizard with Bromptons. He holds the shop record for fastest fold/unfold and it’s been rumoured he can diagnose an issue with the fancy fold-ups just by listening to them. He’s also a fan of good old British motorsport, often spending his downtime riding his motorcycle up and down the country to watch a race, usually in the rain.

    We thought we’d lost him in 2019 when he went to the southern hemisphere to find himself. Fortunately for us, he found that his new life – living in a van and working as a Barista – carried less fulfilment than fixing bikes for the good people of South West London.