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Richmond Cycles precision fit system

Richmond Cycles: Our precision fit system

December 12th, 2017

A dirty word?

When the more elderly of our battle-hardened Richmond Cycles crew first started selling bikes – it was in black and white and round here it was all fields – “fit” was a dirty word. Most bike shops’ idea of fitting was along the lines of:

“What is the right size bike for me?”

“That one you’re standing next to is perfect.

Fast forward to 2017 and you can find any number of experts who will use lasers and wind tunnels to shave seconds off your personal best in exchange for a week’s salary. And the ones who charge the most must give the best fit, right?

What we didn’t do

We have a slightly different take on it. We take bike fitting extraordinarily seriously, and we spend many hours discussing it. Within the team at the shop we have two sports scientists, another guy who was once assured by the original mass-market fit system that he had personally measured more cyclists than anyone else they had come across in Europe, another guy who found his life transformed after surgery and a new bike fit, and some others who just find the whole thing absolutely absorbing.

What we all agreed on was this: while the existing measuring programmes and systems do a great job of measuring you anatomically, they fail to take into account what you, the rider, want to get out of it. We’re not all trying to break PBs, for many of us better doesn’t automatically mean faster. We just want to get more out of riding our bikes.

What we did

That’s why we developed the Richmond Cycles precision fit system. Yes, we use motion capture, cameras and lasers for accurate data collection. Yes, we have a phenomenally expensive infinitely adjustable bike jig. But we also use a physio’s bench and a therapist’s approach to ensure that the focus is on you and what you want to achieve, not what the wind tunnel says you should be doing.

We even include a follow up session to see how changes are working out for you and see how we can further help you to reach those personal goals once the benefits have kicked in.

Sound good? When we tell you that the one-on-one personal consultation evening, measurement session, any subsequent workshop adjustments and the follow up health check are all included in the £200 fee, we think you’ll be mightily impressed.

It’s part of our approach to help you get the most out of your cycling.

Oh, and sorry: snake oil not included.

Richmond Cycles precision fit system