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Ride With Us


Rolling on into Winter.

Tuesday Towpath Tear-up – if you’d like a lunchtime ride to keep you going as the days get shorter then call us and we’ll show you some off-road fun runs. By appointment but we’re suggesting 12.30 start and an hour or two of riding.

Wednesday Park laps & Pizza –  meet at the shop at 18.30. Park laps are good for you but they’re even better with a group of like minded pizza lovers. The dark nights have halted proceedings for the year but we’ll be back out next Spring.

Friday Cafe Ride – meet at the shop at 10.00. Friendly road bike ride with a focus on good coffee stops and learning basic group riding skills. Back to the shop by 14.00. All weathers, all year round.

Sunday Smash Fest– head for the hills ride at 08.30. Usually need to back by 12.00 to open the shop but we’ll occasionally stay out longer.

Each shop ride has it’s own What’s App group.  Come along for a ride and we’ll add you to the list for the next one.

Every ride includes a coffee stop and plenty of chat along the way.

You can see a typical shop ride on our Strava page: Please click THIS LINK .

Tips for group riding Richmond Cycles style:

  • Ride two abreast and at your discretion move to single file (be courteous to other road users- narrow/busy roads single file may be safer, faster moving traffic can get past a shorter group of two abreast more easily)
  • Riding close to the person in front gives the benefit of less drag, but only ride as close as you feel comfortable
  • Stay relaxed but aware of those in front and behind
  • Don’t make any sudden acceleration, movement or break
  • Move out in plenty of time to avoid road hazards and so others can follow your line
  • Keep pedalling-soft pedal rather than freewheel
  • Maintain a steady speed
  • At times it may be safer/better to split into two or more smaller groups and regroup as decided
  • On hills, give riders more room as they are more likely to slow or move off their line

Note – All rides are adult only and each rider is responsible for his or her own personal safety at all times.