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Adventures from home - 4 Gravel routes around Richmond

Adventures from home - 4 Gravel routes around Richmond

Adventures from home - 4 Gravel routes around Richmond

In the current climate we all need a little bit of adventure and escapism. Our team share their 4 favourite gravel rides around the Richmond area to give you that sense of wilderness and clear your lungs and your head. 

We love to promote these routes to you and help you discover new horizons, however be mindful that, at times, these routes use shared pathways. So we ask you to be vigilant to other path users such as hikers, dog walkers, families and other riders to keep it all in good spirits. 


1. A Little Ride on the Wild Side

Bring the picnic. Perfect for riding with the family.

Time: 1:30 hr (doesn't include picnic time!)

Length: 27km

Difficulty: 1/5 

Elevation: 45m

Points of interest: Hampton Court, Kingston, Thames River Bank

Download the GPX file





2. Through the Royal Parks and the Thames River Banks

Stroll through Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and Kew and a pint on the river bank.  

Time: 1:30 - 2:00 hrs 

Length: 32km

Difficulty: 2/5 

Elevation: 160m

Points of interest: Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common, Thames River Banks

Download the GPX file.



3. Go Further Afield

Get out of town with this exhilarating Surrey adventure. 

Time: 4:00 - 4:30 hrs

Length: 70km

Difficulty: 3/5

Elevation: 610m

Points of interest: Surrey Hills

Download the GPX file.




4. Run for the Hills

Run for the hills in this fun but tough wild ride. 

Time: 5:00 hrs

Length: 90km

Difficulty: 4/5

Elevation: 1084m

Points of interest: Leith Hill

Download the GPX file




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