There is no better feeling than having just the right bike for the riding you’re doing. 

At Richmond Cycles, building a fully customised bike from the ground up always starts with a conversation. What is your current bike and what kind of riding are you doing now? Are you looking to do more of the same or thinking of trying a different kind of riding?


Once we get a handle on what you want the bike to do, we can talk you through the different frame options that will best meet those needs. We then either carry out a bike fit in-store or work from fit details you may already have. Once we’ve decided on a frame size and geometry the fun really begins. The possibilities for component choices are vast. Fortunately, we’re here to narrow this down until we have a few well-thought-out options for you to choose from.


Trek, our main brand in-store, has a great custom bike builder, Project One. It gives you an idea of what’s possible with a modern, high end bike from one of the best brands in the world. 


Alternatively, go full custom and build from the bare frame up. All-City and Enigma both offer fantastic options for a canvas on which to paint your cycling dreams. Couple this with some hand-built wheels from our partners Hands on Wheels – individually tailored to customers’ needs and built with meticulous attention to detail – and you’ll be well on your way to a durable, high performance build, not to mention the envy of your fellow riders.

Even the best bikes need a little adjustment to deliver maximum comfort and performance for
the rider. 

Our bike fitters understand the intricate interaction between the human body and a bike. Using biomechanics, coupled with Trek’s Precision Fit system, we will take detailed measurements and make focused adjustments that will help you achieve your goal – whether that’s to reduce pain, raise peformance, or a combination of both.


Designed to emulate a physiotherapy pathway, our service is divided into assessment and fitting sessions, all outside the usual shop opening hours.


We can either adjust a current bike, or look to tailor a new Enigma or Trek Project One build to suit you.

Please contact us to book your bike fit or call us on 020 8892 4372

425-427 Richmond Rd, East Twickenham TW1 2EF

020 8892 4372

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