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Kids Bikes

Kids’ bikes are a minefield. As parents ourselves, we have made a clear statement: only the best. They’re the most important people in your world. Don’t make cycling rubbish for them.

Trek Superfly Kids 16″

It’s hard to decide on a kid’s bike. Knowing they’re not going to fit for long, the temptation is to go cheap and cheerful, but what you imagined to be disposable fun often turns into a horrible waste as your child struggles to master a hugely weighty and manifestly rubbish machine. Having gone through this with our own kids, we decided to just stock the best children’s bikes. The Trek’s weigh less than anything else we’ve seen.

Trek Superfly Kids 20″

A proper bike, with lightweight aluminium frame, easy to shift twist-grip gears and no pointless heavy suspension forks. They might be more expensive to start with, but a quality children’s bike holds its value extremely well, and there will always be other kids at school clamouring to take it off your hands when you’re done.

Trek Dual Sport Kids 26″

Exactly the same as an adult Dual Sport with the sensible omission of suspension forks – lighter riders will benefit more from low weight than suspension they are unlikely to activate – the DS Kids means the family really can ride together. Race each other round Richmond Park with the last back getting the ice creams.

Trek Emonda ALR Kids 26″

The pride of our junior selection and a genuine dream bike for all would-be Alberto Contadors. A proper racing bike for proper kids.