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If you haven’t ridden a e-bike, you’re in for a treat. If you have, then these will impress you. Trek’s e-bikes are practical, natural-feeling and will make you wonder what you did before you had one. Come and try one.

Trek Neko+

The absolutely perfect E-Bike for the Lady-about-Richmond, this will take you effortlessly down the tow path to Walton, over all the hills in the Park and deliver you to the cafe without the need for perspiration. Get the most out of living round here for £2,100. Come and demo it today.

Trek Conduit

Thinking of cycle commuting but unsure of how you will find the distance? Get a helping hand from the superb Conduit+. With built in mudguards, rack and lights, this most London of E-Bikes will get you there – no sweat. Demo it today. £2,250

Trek Dual Sport+

A leisure bike with the accent firmly on leisure, the DS is the powered version of our most popular Richmond machines. Ideal for the hills and bike paths of the Borough, this is the perfect accompaniment to your summer. £2,100, demo rides available right now.