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Commuter/Dual Sport

There are a myriad of commuter and leisure bikes out there… we’ve done the hard bit for you and painstakingly narrowed the field down to these winners. Come and talk about which one is right for you.

Trek FX

Millions of commuters the world over can attest to the longevity and reliability of Trek’s offering. Richmond Cycles have been selling these for over 20 years, and we’re still servicing and looking after some of the first ones to leave. Light, practical and great value, the FX is an accepted industry benchmark. From £425.

Trek Dual Sport

If you could design a bike made specifically for enjoying Richmond life with all the family, you could spend an awful long time on it and still not come up with anything near as good as the Trek Dual Sport. Discs brakes, short-travel suspension, great Shimano componentry and significantly lighter than the competition, the DS range begins at a mere £400.

Trek Neko

All of the versatility of the Trek Dual Sport range, but with enhanced geometry to suit the female form. This style of bike is often seen with a crossbar missing, but Trek’s deft manipulation of the frame’s shape means that it will fit women perfectly without sacrificing performance. From just £400.

Orro Fe

Sometimes one gear is enough. In fact, sometimes, messing up a thing of beauty by hanging a bunch of gears and components on it is a crime. The Orro FE is a sublime steel steed for showing the town who is boss. If you’re really brave, flip the wheel around and ride it fixed. Rarely has a workhorse been so pretty. And at just £599, unlikely to be the last thoroughbred in your stable.