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Brompton and Richmond go together like tea and biscuits.

Richmond Brompton


Building the right Brompton for you is a labour of love, and the Brompton Bike Builder function on their website is superbly functional. When it comes to our favourite choice, we go “M” bars for versatility, 2-speed gears for low weight, and always fit mudguards as they are so effective on a small wheel. This M2L in a beautiful yet subtle Forest Green is the perfect Richmond build.



Your first decision when choosing a Brompton is the handlebars.

‘S’ Bar – flat, giving more stability and favouring those who are familiar with the feel of a more sporty bike.
‘M’ Bar – the most popular shaped bar, a little more upright and with the added versatility of fore and aft adjustment.
‘H’ Bar – same shape as the ‘M’, but higher for a taller rider.



There are a number of gear options on your Brompton.
1 Speed – the single speed is the most basic but also the lightest option.
2 Speed – a derailleur gives you one gear to get going or for hills, the other to roll along, without adding significant weight.
3 Speed – a maintenance free hub gear with a good range between selections.
6 Speed – A combination of the 2-speed derailleur and 3-speed hub for the broadest range.



Brompton’s standard tyre is not to be sniffed at, but there are a couple of possible upgrades…
Schwalbe Marathon – as the name suggests, a tough, high mileage tyre that will provide maximum reliability.
Schwalbe Kojak – As smooth as a freshly waxed detective’s skull, the Kojak is the highest performance road tyre your Brompton can wear. Low on versatility, high on speed and grippy on a good surface.