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Brompton and Richmond go together like tea and biscuits.

Richmond Brompton


Building the right Brompton for you is a labour of love, and the Brompton Bike Builder function on their website is superbly functional. When it comes to our favourite choice, we go “S” bars for stability, 2-speed gears for low weight, and always fit mudguards as they are so effective on a small wheel. This S2L in a beautiful yet subtle Forest Green is the perfect Richmond build.

New York Special Edition


Brompton’s special edition bikes have quickly become the stuff of legend and we await the first time somebody appears on Four Rooms to try and flog one to a collector with baited breath. The New York is a collaboration with the achingly hip NYC reflective fashion-mongers, Vespertine. There’s a 2-speed and a 6-speed version, both in matte black with anodised green trims and a host of cool but functional accessories. If previous specials are a benchmark, you might find it worth more than the £1150 or £1260 you put down on one now.

Nickel Edition


No bike in Richmond Cycles gets talked about more than the Nickel Edition Brompton. People come in the door and point at it, saying: “That’s the Nickel, right?” It’s that sort of bike, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Yours for £1,470.



Your first decision when choosing a Brompton is the handlebars.

‘S’ Bar – flat, giving more stability and favouring those who are familiar with the feel of a more sporty bike.
‘M’ Bar – the most popular shaped bar, a little more upright and with the added versatility of fore and aft adjustment.
‘H’ Bar – same shape as the ‘M’, but higher for a taller rider.



There are a number of gear options on your Brompton.
1 Speed – the single speed is the most basic but also the lightest option.
2 Speed – a derailleur gives you one gear to get going or for hills, the other to roll along, without adding significant weight.
3 Speed – the most popular, a maintenance free hub gear with a good range between selections.
6 Speed – A combination of the 2-speed derailleur and 3-speed hub for the broadest range.



Brompton’s standard tyre is not to be sniffed at, but there are a couple of possible upgrades…
Schwalbe Marathon – as the name suggests, a tough, high mileage tyre that will provide maximum reliability.
Schwalbe Kojak – As smooth as a freshly waxed detective’s skull, the Kojak is the highest performance road tyre your Brompton can wear. Low on versatility, high on speed and grippy on a good surface.