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The Thames Valley, the Chilterns, the Surrey Hills or the Park, Richmond is a great place to be a road rider. We have got a fantastic range of bikes for you.

Cross / Adventure

With so many unsurfaced trails in and around the Borough, it’s hardly surprising that ’cross bikes are our fastest growing family of machine. Gravel, mud and tarmac are all eaten up. Adventure awaits.

Dual Sport

Want one bike that does the lot? With short-travel suspension, light aluminium frames, powerful disc brakes and gears for Nightingale Lane, the Dual Sport is the most versatile hybrid around.


Splitting your commute by using a train AND a bike can make you happier, fitter, wealthier and more flexible. And there is really only one brand of folding bike worth owning. Luckily, we’ve got them.

There are thousands of possible Brompton versions out there. We always keep at least ten in stock. Come in and take a look. If we don’t have the one that’s perfect for you then we’ll help you build it.


The number of people making their way around London by bike reached critical mass some years ago, and for most of us, cycling is the best way to get to work. One of these will be your perfect match.


There’s nothing like lording it round Richmond-upon-Thames with the wind in your hair, a baguette on the rack and a dog in your basket. Preferably a small, calm dog. You’ll look the part on one of these.


Kids’ bikes are a minefield. As parents ourselves, we have made a clear statement: only the best. They’re the most important people in your world. Don’t make cycling rubbish for them.


If you haven’t ridden a e-bike, you’re in for a treat. If you have, then these will impress you. Trek’s e-bikes are practical, natural-feeling and will make you wonder what you did before you had one. Come and try one.