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Accessories and Clothing

When we first started this ride, we banged our heads together to decide what Richmond Cycles should mean. With the myriad of brands and lines out there, all available online, we thought that the biggest challenge facing the Richmond bike rider is knowing what to get. It’s head spinning.

So we literally spend hours every week researching, talking and testing everything that’s out there so that you can be sure that the stuff we’re putting in front of you is the very best available in whatever field you’re looking for.

We make the choices so you don’t have to.

Santini Clothing
We had a pretty specific list when we were looking for a technical clothing partner: traditional but not dull. Stylish but not gimmicky. European made and sweatshop averse. Women’s stuff as good as men’s. Founded by Pier Santini in Bergamo in the 1960s and still run there by his daughters Monica and Claudia, we love these guys.


Not all cyclists are suited to Italian sizing so we’ve introduced another clothing brand – Chapeau. The cut is a bit more generous and the philosophy of this little company based in the UK is a good fit for us too.

All bike shops wish they had a partner like Bontrager. They make pretty much everything, and it’s all excellent. The lights in particular we love. And the helmets. And the pumps. Oh, I should stop. And there’s a 28-day money back guarantee that you can activate for no other reason than you don’t like it. Beat that.

Kask Helmets
In our opinion the most well-rounded range of helmets for road enthusiasts. We love their comfortable leather straps and light weight. If they’re good enough for Team Sky, they’re good enough for Richmond Cycles.

Ortlieb Luggage
Do you remember the first time you saw an Ortlieb pannier? For us, it was a committed German tourer we ran into in the Scottish Highlands. He’d been uphill and down dale across the continent, his bike was bashed but rolling, his beard was straggly, his legs were like diagrams of sailors’ knots, but his panniers… they looked box fresh. And they were waterproof. And they were just brilliant.

The man or woman who invents the lightweight secure bikelock will be a rich person indeed. Until that day, the innovative folks at Hiplock have come up with the next best thing: locks that are easy to carry. There are D-locks that clip on to your belt and some superb security that clicks round your waist like a belt. Try them and see.

100% Eyewear
Have you seen Peter Sagan? Yes, but have you SEEN Peter Sagan? We love the man; the way he rides the bike, the way he loves the sport, the way he wants to win, the way he loves life. And a big part of being Peter Sagan is those amazing sunglasses. We’re delighted to say that, like the World Champion, we’ve got 100% Eyewear.