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About us

We all know what a great area this is to be a bike rider.

If you’re a Richmond dweller, you’ve got the park and the river on your doorstep, as well as Richmond Cycles. If you love the open road, you can be out into the quieter roads of the Thames Valley within minutes, the Surrey Hills are a morning loop and the Chilterns or the South Downs make a weekend day out.

If you’re a commuter, you’ll know that most destinations in the West End or the City can be reached more quickly by bike than any other method. Shunning the grim morning grind for the rise and shine of a bike ride puts a smile on your face, colour in your cheeks and keeps your bankrupting train fares safely in your bank account. Say goodbye to crowded platforms, cancelled trains and costly gym memberships in one cathartic leap.

And if you’re a Richmond family, you’re blessed with countless miles of wondrous traffic-free routes along the Thames, through Richmond Park and Bushy Park, across Wimbledon Common, punctuated by coffee stops, riverside pubs and playgrounds. If we didn’t live here too, we’d be jealous.

We’re here for you. We live for cycling so you don’t have to. We’ve chosen all the best bikes and accessories for Richmond life already. We’ll service all the family’s bikes to the highest possible standard and explain what we’re doing without making you feel like an idiot. And we know that you like decent stuff and value for money, so we’ll make sure that you’re all on the right bike for the job, not a put-it-together-yourself straight-out-of-the-warehouse death-trap.

Put simply, we aim to make your life better by helping you get more out of your cycling.